• Annual Yacht Maintenance Checklist

Annual Yacht Maintenance Checklist

Every yacht should be properly maintained to guarantee a safe and pleasurable sail.

The best you can do for your yacht is to learn how to take proper care of it.

We have compiled an annual yacht maintenance checklist, which you should follow to avoid any troubles.

We suggest the checkup is performed in spring before the boating season starts.

Engine and Generators

To make certain your yacht sails smoothly and ensure optimal engine performance, you need to take care of the parts that run your boat.

Engine and generators can easily rust and should not be overlooked until a problem occurs, as it usually is the case.

You certainly do not want to face a surprise power outage so make sure to:

  • Fill up coolant and oil levels
  • Replace oil and fuel filters
  • Replace zincs
  • Change belts and hoses if worn
  • Inspect connections to batteries and main distribution panel


The most common boat problems are electrical, and they very easily get out of hand, if neglected. Make sure to regularly check the electrics and take proper measurements as soon as the need arises in order to avoid unnecessary maintenance costs.

Don’t forget to:

  • Clean the wiring and connections; replace if needed
  • Inspect the battery
  • Inspect electric cables for corrosion
  • Check if ABYC standards are met


In case of any unpredicted situations, you will need to rely on your electronics, so it is utterly important that the boat electronics as well as navigation work perfectly.

That is why you should:

  • Check if the compass and swing work properly
  • Test radios and other equipment


Saltwater causes metals to easily corrode. Since you certainly want your yacht in top condition and aesthetically pleasing, you need to take care of the hull:

  • Inspect for rot, corrosion, and leaks
  • Clean and/or paint bottomyacht hull

Running gear

To avoid damage to the mechanical system, all running gear problems should be eliminated.

  • Repack stuffing boxes
  • Check and replace cutlass bearing on shaft and rudder bearing
  • Check props, shafts, trim tabs, stabilizers

Fuel system

In addition to the annual checkup, it is highly important to use clean fuel. If you have doubts about the contamination of your fuel, pump some in a jar and let it rest for several minutes. If it is unclean, water and dirt will settle at the bottom.

  • Examine for leaks, moisture or sediment
  • Make sure there is no corrosion on tanks, hoses, and fittings


Hopefully, you will never need any of the safety equipment, but it is extremely important that your safety gear works properly, in case of emergency.

That’s why you should:

  • Examine the fire extinguishers
  • Certify the Halon systems
  • Inspect all bilge pumps
  • Make sure the life raft is in perfect condition & verify certification
  • Make sure flare kit date is not expired
  • Check if there are enough life preservers


Make sure to check all the equipment affecting comfort so you can truly enjoy your sailing adventures.

  • Check and recharge boat air conditioners
  • Check canvas, biminis
  • Check the fasteners

All of the aforementioned checkpoints are equally important for a well-functioning yacht and a worry-free trip. Following this annual boat maintenance list will not only keep your yacht “healthy” and elongate its life, but also significantly reduce your costs, as you will detect potential problems in time and prevent further damage.

If you have additional questions or doubts, contact Miami Yacht Services today, and learn all there is about the proper yacht maintenance.

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