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Miami Yacht Show 2019 – City’s Premier Luxury Show

The 31st annual Miami Yacht Show 2019 will be held on February 14-18, 2019, at One Herald Plaza. It’s a key event in the yachting and luxury lifestyle in South Florida. Yacht owners and future superyacht buyers, decision-makers in the yachting industries and influencers will all be attending the summit. Here are the first-hand news [...]

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11 Best Boat Tool Kit Must-Haves – Yacht Essentials

Having the right gear in your yacht tool kit differentiates a fine day at the sea from being towed back to the marina. When it comes to yachting, it’s all about being prepared and keeping your boat in perfect condition. The right tools will make routine maintenance and repairs simpler. We recommend to never leave [...]

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How to Remove Oxidation from Gelcoat?

If your boat does not have that nice, clean sparkle, it's time you get rid of gel coat oxidation and restore the shine. Gelcoat or 'gel coat' is an epoxy or resin polymer used to provide a finish on fiberglass surfaces. What Is Gelcoat Oxidation? Oxidation happens due to environmental exposure and drying out the [...]

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Yacht Hull Types and Styles

Yacht hulls come in different types and sizes and, depending on yacht size, weight, and speed, the physics of moving through water varies. Yacht hull sounds like the least interesting boat piece, but its shape is crucial to boat performance. So, if you're planning on checking out some luxe yachts, you need to be familiar [...]

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Adventure 29 – New Superyacht by Lynx Yachts

Lynx Yachts, Dutch yacht builder, has revealed the design for a luxurious new superyacht from their Adventure Series. Miami Yacht Services present you with all the first-hand details about this extraordinary yacht. Read on to learn more about the innovative design of this wide and sturdy superyacht, which can take you anywhere, in any weather! [...]

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Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Titanium Propellers?

The propeller design and material have an impact on the speed of the yacht. That is why it is important to choose the right shape and geometry as well as the size and material of your propeller, to fit your needs and sailing habits. By choosing the right propeller you will not only enhance your [...]

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Annual Yacht Maintenance Checklist

Every yacht should be properly maintained to guarantee a safe and pleasurable sail. The best you can do for your yacht is to learn how to take proper care of it. We have compiled an annual yacht maintenance checklist, which you should follow to avoid any troubles. We suggest the checkup is performed in spring [...]

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