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11 Best Boat Tool Kit Must-Haves – Yacht Essentials

Having the right gear in your yacht tool kit differentiates a fine day at the sea from being towed back to the marina. When it comes to yachting, it’s all about being prepared and keeping your boat in perfect condition.

The right tools will make routine maintenance and repairs simpler.

We recommend to never leave the dock without these 11 essentials in your boat tool kit:

Battery Terminal Puller

This is a very useful tool, which can save you a lot of time and nerves when you encounter a battery problem on your boat. Chances are that battery terminals are stuck and that you won’t be able to get them off.

That’s what the puller is for- loosen the terminal bolt, put the puller on the terminal and tighten the puller rivet pad. Battery terminal comes right off.

Jumper cables

Jumper cables are a must-have. For midsize boats, which are 6 and 4 gauge, 15 to 20 feet in length is preferable and should be enough.


A good pair of pliers is essential. Pick a pair with adjustable jaws, which are very versatile, especially the ones with the built-in wire snapper.

Pliers boat tool kit

Adjustable wrench

An adjustable, open-ended wrench is unparalleled when it comes to emergency repairs. The mid-sized wrench does most of the marine chores, but may also want to include a smaller one in your yacht toolkit, for more delicate work.


Take a look around your boat and determine exactly what kind of screwdrivers you need. Phillips or Torx heads are a standard in boats, and some components may be secured with a flat-head screw.

Spare fuses

Even if your boat has an electrical panel with circuit breaks, many electrical components like radio and GPS still use fuses. Take a look around your boat, and see if this applies to its electrical accessories.

Spare bulbs

Although manufacturers are steadily adopting LED lighting, the majority of boats older than 2 or 3 years use bulbs in their navigation and interior lighting. Make sure you have spare bulbs in your toolkit.

Spare-bulbs yacht tool kit

Pinless moisture meter

This is a great tool that helps with those pesky water leaks when you can’t see the path of water.

Just lay the moisture meter on the surface and it detects moisture in seconds. It can detect leaks up to almost one inch in depth.

Hose, PVC, and Tube cutter

The hose, PVC and tube cutter is a cheap tool that comes in very handy when it’s hard to reach repairs and you need to remove a hose. It is safer to use than a blade, and easier to use than a saw.

Duct tape and electrical tape

Duct tape is arguably the most versatile product in the world. A roll of duct tape has a number of emergency uses in the boat and trailer. The Discovery’s TV “Myth Busters” used it to repair a hole in the boat, and even to build a complete vessel.

Electrical tape is not that versatile, but it’s irreplaceable when it comes to emergency electrical repair.


The WD-40 is definitely the star of all yacht tool kits. It does wonder when it comes to corrosion of metal parts on the boat. It does a great job driving out moisture and protecting watercraft from saltwater damage. Use it to penetrate and loosen lug nuts.

Now that you know these yacht essentials, do your own check-up and be sure to add the missing tools to your list. For any additional questions or assistance regarding yacht maintenance, contact Miami Yacht Services! We’d be thrilled to assist you.

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