Miami Yacht Show 2019 – City’s Premier Luxury Show

The 31st annual Miami Yacht Show 2019 will be held on February 14-18, 2019, at One Herald Plaza. It’s a key event in the yachting and luxury lifestyle in South Florida. Yacht owners and future superyacht buyers, decision-makers in the yachting industries and influencers will all be attending the summit. Here are the first-hand news [...]

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Adventure 29 – New Superyacht by Lynx Yachts

Lynx Yachts, Dutch yacht builder, has revealed the design for a luxurious new superyacht from their Adventure Series. Miami Yacht Services present you with all the first-hand details about this extraordinary yacht. Read on to learn more about the innovative design of this wide and sturdy superyacht, which can take you anywhere, in any weather! [...]

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Luxe Mega Yacht Marinas in Miami

There are plenty of ports around the world nowadays, but there is a handful of the truly elite mega yacht marinas. These luxurious marinas are the focal point for the crème de la crème and are considered a status symbol among the yacht lovers. Sun-drenched Miami is a premier vacation destination, yet you have not [...]

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