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Adventure 29 – New Superyacht by Lynx Yachts

Lynx Yachts, Dutch yacht builder, has revealed the design for a luxurious new superyacht from their Adventure Series. Miami Yacht Services present you with all the first-hand details about this extraordinary yacht. Read on to learn more about the innovative design of this wide and sturdy superyacht, which can take you anywhere, in any weather!

Adventure 29 is ingeniously and specifically designed to be able to take you anywhere in the world, in any conditions. The yacht is described as “tough and robust”, and should be able to reach even the most remote locations and worldwide marinas. Thanks to its rugged construction, wide beam, and shallow draft, it can access places deeper yachts physically can’t. Bernd Weel Design has created a sleek, modern, contemporary profile design.

Lynx Highlighted Two Adjectives – Wide and Sturdy

The yacht got its name thanks to the 29-meter steel hull. Diana Yacht Design envisioned and made the beam of 8.2 meters, unusually wide for a yacht of this length, but granting the advantage of a shallow draft and optimized fuel consumption. The rigidness of the Lynx yacht makes it convenient even for heavy seas.

Adventure 29 – a Yacht of Outstanding Dimensions and Performance

The exterior design is perfect for relaxing as it offers a spacious lounging and dining area. The jacuzzi is placed on the bridge deck and the saloon, with the dimensions which you would normally find on yachts the size of above 35 meters, is on the main deck. The big swim platform can store jet skis or tenders of 6.5 meters. The yacht has a 29 square meter deluxe owners cabin with a bathroom and walk-in closet, four guest and four crew cabins.

As the swim platform transforms in a 30 square meter bathing area, this superyacht is a true hedonistic dream come true.


Photo Credit: Lynx Yachts

The Ultimate Choice for the Keenest Leisure Enthusiasts

Unfortunately, the interior details have not been revealed yet, and the interior designer has not yet been chosen. However, this new superyacht not only has enough space for everything that pops into your mind, but it also has the very-well planned functionalities and durable construction, to take you anywhere in the world. The possibilities with Adventure 29 are truly endless.

The extraordinary comfort, irresistible spaciousness, and high-end aesthetics it has to offer have already drawn a lot of attention, and we are very impatient for the first interior design sneak peek, and for this superyacht to be commercially available.

Luxury, exceptional design, and unparallel performance are certainly the keywords when describing this exceptional superyacht. Your imagination is the limit with Adventure 29 – you can do anything and go anywhere you want!

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