• Luxe Mega Yacht Marinas in Miami

Luxe Mega Yacht Marinas in Miami

There are plenty of ports around the world nowadays, but there is a handful of the truly elite mega yacht marinas. These luxurious marinas are the focal point for the crème de la crème and are considered a status symbol among the yacht lovers.

Sun-drenched Miami is a premier vacation destination, yet you have not indulged yourself until you’ve been in one of the superyacht marinas in Miami. They are the epicenter for showing off your state-of-the-art superyachts while enjoying a luxurious vacation with an abundant variety of activities.

Here are the top marinas in Miami that should be on the must-visit list of every yacht lover:

Island Gardens – vibrant leisure

Island Gardens is one of the finest superyacht marinas in Miami, offering vibrant content from the very moment you step off your yacht. It is located on Watson Island between Miami Beach and downtown Miami. Soon it will include the deluxe hotel resort, high-quality dining and leisure such as golf and tennis, as well as a business center with a conference room. Courtesy cars are available for the full experience as well as water taxi drives to Miami and nearby beaches. Most of the area will be publicly accessible, featuring breathtaking gardens and public art installations. It can accommodate 50 yachts of 550 feet and will certainly provide a full luxurious experience.


Aston Martin Residences – fulfill your James Bond fantasies

One thing is sure, the moment the Aston Martin Residences make the grand opening in 2021, this world-class exclusive residences will instantly become an epicenter for billionaires. In not too distant future, you will be able to enjoy unrivaled and uncompromising standards on one of the last parcels of the Miami Waterfront, thanks to the British automotive brand.

The residence aesthetics will portray the elegance of Aston Martin’s design while including some of the most recognizable car details in the interior. It will offer a number of prestigious benefits such as the rooftop helipad and an infinity pool on the roof. The best part is that the superyacht marina will grant direct access to the Miami River. It sounds a little bit like heaven, right?

Miami Beach Marina – Gateway to the Caribbean

Miami Beach Marina is perfect for everything; fishing, sailing, cruising and even shopping!

It accommodates 400 boats, up to 250 feet. Your options here are truly endless – you can engage in one of many activities while being minutes away from downtown Miami and just 5-minutes away from the Atlantic. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the heated pool or play golf and tennis before you next sailing adventure begins.

Sunset Harbour Yacht Club – equity club membership in a Clean Marina

At Sunset Harbour Yacht Club, new buyers get membership privileges for a variety of things, including access to a private fitness center, a heated Olympic-size pool, a personal dock box, and a resident massage therapist. It has 125 slips for vessels from 45 to 150 feet.

It was designed as the Clean Marina and it proactively takes care of the environment by following the green policies to protect the waterways. Moreover, the management has recently announced upgrades to more efficiently prevent marine pollution and protect the wildlife. They have installed real-time water quality monitoring devices, which keep track of a range of factors such as water flow, chemical and biological factors, and all oil spills. They are aiming to go green by creating sustainable energy as they are using eco-friendly materials.

This is a mega yacht marina that takes care of your needs, the environment, and reduces the carbon footprint, hence you can be sure the water nearby is perfectly clean and blue.

There are plenty of fantastic marinas in Miami in which the world’s elite constantly gathers, and therefore it was very hard to choose the top ones. However, we’ve managed to create a list, in which the marinas were picked based on the levels of luxury as well as leisure content they offer. All you have to do is pick the marina that best fits your privacy and status requirements and sail along.

For everything else considering yacht maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact Miami Yacht Services today to make sure you’re taking the necessary measures to keep your yacht all dolled up!

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